Our Vision

Redefine power.


I started my career in marketing technology seven years ago working for an enterprise software provider. After being part of tremendous growth and product development, I started feeling like something was missing. Working with Forbes top 500 brands was exciting and validating to my career path. I am deeply proud of the work done by myself and the team I lead. Yet, I began feeling massive discontent over the lack of female leadership across the technology platforms, advertising agencies, top brands around the world.

Beyond the lack of female leadership I began to notice the lack of female founders. They exist and with the support of the tech and marketing community, founders, including those from diverse backgrounds, will be better positioned to thrive. Therefore, I set out to create a community for women and men whose aim is to equalize and redefine power and success using the tools I know and love best: technology and marketing.

Spot Violet’s mission is to shift the power dynamics in business, marketing, and technology by working with women-owned businesses directly to claim and solidify their spot as successful companies. Our focus is to empower each owner by providing them a safe and smart space to test, fail, iterate and thrive. Spot Violet is building the women and men leaders of tomorrow who will redefine power and success in an equal and positive fashion.

I look forward to our future together and building something the world so desperately needs: community.

mireya prado ceo and founder

Mireya A Prado
Founder and CEO

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